Kamarul Izzwan

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Name: Kamarul Izzwan
Age: 28
Height: 165cm
Competition Weight:70kg


Name : Kamarul Izzwan
D.O.B : 31/08/1986
Age : 28
Height : 165cm
Competition Weight : 70kg
Occupation : Full time Personal trainer at Physique For You Enterprise Founder of Physique Meal


About Me

I am a Certified Personal Trainer from Melbourne, Australia. I have been living and working as a qualified personal trainer for the past 3 years in Australia and now I'm back to my home country, Malaysia. I have always had a sporting and fitness background taking part in numerous different sports, particularly competitive bodybuilding. I have competed for 3 years back in Malaysia and 2 years in Australia. Now I believe I have unfinished business in the industry and I have a true ambition to help people to get fit and healthy. I am highly dedicated, motivated and passionate towards achieving positive results and have a genuine interest in helping my client achieve their goal. 'Your goal is my goal'. My aim is to provide my client with a nutritional and weight management plan that will help promote a healthier lifestyle and reduce the risk of potential diseases. This will be combined with a carefully structured exercise program combining a mixture of cardio and resistance training. This will be centered around my client individual needs, wants and expectations that are suitable to help them achieve their desired goals.


  • - Australia Certified Personal Trainer
  • - Certified Boxing Instructor from Punch Fit Australia
  • - 2011 INBA Mr.Melbourne Overall Champion
  • - 2011 INBA Mr.Melbourne Novice Class Champion
  • - 2011 ANB




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